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About Us

Zenyata Foods is a woman-owned and operated small business. Founder, Maureen Dibble, built her career in the food service industry, nearing 20-years in the business. Her longevity in the industry creates a pillar of immeasurable knowledge transformed by experiences that she shares with her clients and vendors to this day. Her expertise is the very foundation of what it takes to make a business successful in this industry.

Our company name was inspired by the great female American champion Thoroughbred racehorse, Zenyatta. Zenyatta transcended the sport of Thoroughbred racing with her streak of 19 straight victories in a 20-race career. She is a true WINNER and exemplifies grace, speed, focus, and character.

At Zenyata Foods, we too strive for excellence, not unlike any winning thoroughbred racehorse. We believe in hard work, tremendous focus on our customers’ needs, exceptional follow up and customer service, long-term relationships and winning results! We are fully committed to going the extra mile and following through to our promise of providing quality products with tremendous savings.

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